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Molinillo con granos de cacao


The NATIONAL FEDERATION OF CACAOTEROS seeks to provide products and services that comply in a high percentage with the requirements of the Colombian cocoa farmer:


A qualified staff, motivated by the new challenges facing Colombian cocoa farming, and especially committed to always providing the best service to the cocoa farmer.



The use of technological tools that contribute to the productive and social development of the cocoa farmer, that help it reach new markets and new objectives.



Marketing, transformation and export of cocoa with high quality standards, generating a competitive product that takes the effort of the Cocoa farmer to the world.

Granos de cacao


Advising, working and accompanying the Cocoa Farmer, seeking to improve the quality of cocoa beans and bring new technologies to the productive sector that improve the product.

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Strengthening social aspects such as the development of individual capacities, generational inclusion, the organizational scheme, gender equity and other aspects that aim to improve the quality of life of the cocoa farmer and generate local development tools.

Granos de cacao

Leading company in the cocoa subsector

Committed and oriented to provide its services

Taza con granos de cacao dentro
Cámara con taza y granos de café


environmental resources

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