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Represent and protect the interests of Colombian cocoa farmers, contributing to their integral development, offering rural extension services, research and the commercialization of the product at national and international level, contributing to the protection of the Environment.

Opening of new frontiers in the commercialization of cocoa


Maintain FEDECACAO for the year 2030 as one of the leading organizations in the agricultural sector Increasing: The presence in the different areas of the country and the number of unionized farmers, preserving the leadership.

cultivos de cacao

Contributing to: The development of a competitive cocoa farming through innovation, technology transfer and crop renewal. Promoting: Greater sustainability of the Guild over time, seeking to have a presence in the main stages of the agricultural sector and developing promising markets. Betting on the Growth of the National Federation of Cocoa trees through increased commercialization and exports, achievement of profitable projects and the opening of new frontiers in the commercialization of the product.

seeks to provide products and services that comply in a high percentage with the requirements of the Colombian cocoa farmer by:






A qualified staff, motivated by the new challenges that Colombian cocoa farming faces, and especially committed to always providing the best service to the cocoa farmer.

The use of technological tools that contribute to the social productive development of the cocoa farmer.

The marketing, export and transformation of cocoa with high quality standards.

Advising, working and accompanying the cocoa farmer seeking to improve the quality of cocoa beans.

Contributing to the protection of the Environment.


Strengthening social aspects such as the development of individual capacities, generational inclusion, the organizational scheme, gender equality and others. aspects that aim to improve the quality of life of the cocoa farmer and generate local development tools. The organization as a leading company in the cocoa subsector, is committed and oriented to provide its services and products seeking the satisfaction of our customers, optimizing resources with a high degree of social responsibility and the search for environmental protection.


FEDECACAO is committed to the implementation and maintenance of the QMS with its processes and the company's SST in the identification of hazards, evaluation and assessment of risks, establishing necessary controls, ensuring the well-being of its workers, compliance with the requirements applicable laws and continuous improvement of the Quality Management System (QMS) and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SG-SST).

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